Monday, April 15, 2013

Stem Cell Transplant—New Treatment for Kidney Disease

With the Regenerative Medicine developing, Stem cell transplant becomes more and more popular. Well what is the effect of treating Kidney disease with Stem Cell Transplant?
There is variety of Kidney diseases, among which glomerulonephritis caused by immune injury pyelonephritis which is related with bacterial infection are very common. In addition, Diabetes, Hypertension and Systemic Upus Erythematosus patients will also usually be complicated with kidney disorder, so kidney disease are always caused by complicated factors, treatments for which are also difficult to some degree. But, Stem cell transplant, which can treat kidney disease fundamentally, attracts attention of more and more patients.
How about the effect of Stem cell transplant in treating kidney disease? Experts from our Hospital, taking advantage of stem cells’ features such as self-renewing and differentiating potential, inject the stem cells into the patients’ body.
The Kidney lesions will release some kind of signals to attract the stem cells after they are injected into the body and then the stem cell will generate massive daughter cells same with themselves. Those daughter cells will differentiated into all kind of cells, renal tissues as well as renal vessels which are needed by the kidney, to improve local micro-circulation in the kidney, to lower the high pressure inside the glomerulus and to relieve ischemia and anoxia of the kidney, finally recovering and improving blood circulation of the whole body. The stem cells also release some kind of active factors, which can stimulate renal cells to secrete erythropoietin. Well, the erythropoietin can help with the formation of red blood cells, which in due relieves the anemia condition. The stem cells also can inhibit immune response, differentiate into immune cells and adjust the immune system to function normally, so that the kidney can be restored gradually. Those are all the functions that the stem cells do in treating kidney disorder. At the same time, stem cells also can repair the kidney depending on different disease conditions.
Stem cell transplant is proved by a lot of clinical trials that it can restore the damaged kidney cells fundamentally and can stimulate the endothelial cells of renal capillaries to differentiate into new vessels, which can improve the blood circulation, thus providing enough oxygen and nutrition during the recovery of the damaged kidney cells. Stem cell transplant has an obvious, fast and stable effect in treating kidney disease.
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